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You do not have to be a member to ride on race days.  OMC has both a summer and winter track to enable year-round racing.  This year, in addition to our local race series', OMC will host one round of RMX Series,  Pacific Northwest Vintage Race,  Idaho Old Timers International Series. 

Racing at OMC is open to everyone.

Summer Season
During the summer series, gates open at 7:00am with practice starting at 8:00am and Racing starts at 9:00am.  OUR TWO DAY WEEKENDS MAY HAVE EARLIER TIMES.  Please see details for any two day or special events.

Winter Season ~ See home page for 2014-15 winter schedule.
During the winter series, gates open at 8:00am with practice at 9:00am and racing to follow.  OUR TWO DAY WEEKENDS MAY HAVE EARLIER TIMES. Please see details for any two day races or special events.

Pee Wees
At OMC, we provide a separate Pee Wee track for 50cc beginner riders. Race classes include peewee 50 beginner thru advanced.

Pee Wee track is open all day during race events. Racing on the Pee Wee track runs during intermission of the big track. Come take advantage of a prepped and safe place to ride and practice. Riders using the Pee Wee track must be registered to race that day.

Admission prices for general OMC events is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children, seniors, and members (children under 5 free).  So come and see the races, or better yet, come and join in the fun!  Prices may vary for special events so see details for added information.

Watered Practices are held every Wednesday evening between Memorial Day and Labor Day at 6:00 PM (weather permitting) for members.  Check the calendar page for information regarding open public practices.  The club is also open to members for practice from 7 AM to 9 PM everyday except for race days and the day prior to a race.

Contact Info: MX VP 2015
Matt Taylor

Modified 10/27/2015

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