Owyhee Motorcycle Club Membership

The RulesMembers who are renewing their membership may mail the membership form and insurance form with a check to:

OMC Membership
P.O. Box 865
Meridian, ID 83680

The Owyhee Motorcycle Club is operated by it's general membership and elected board of directors to promote motor-sports oriented recreation, racing and safety in the Treasure Valley.

The Owyhee Motorcycle club actively promotes summer and winter motocross racing as well as summer and winter short track racing for motorcycles, go-karts, outlaw karts, mini-sprints, and box stock carts at our 80 acre club.


OMC Membership Rates 
Single $120 & 25 hours
Single Minor $150 & 40 hours
Family $210 & 50 hours
Non-working single $700
Non-working Family $1,200
Prorated Fee (Aug-Oct) $60 & 10 hours
Card Fee: $15

  • There is a one time charge of $15.00 for an electronic gate card. This is your card. If lost or damaged you will have to pay for a new one.
  • Membership Dues are due every year on October 1st, for every member, regardless of when you join the club.


Membership FormInsurance Forms
Membership Application Adult Waiver
Parental Consent - Minor Waiver

How to become a member
The steps to becoming a member are rather simple.

  1. First fill out the membership and insurance forms. This can be downloaded above or obtained at the meeting.
  2. Next attend our monthly meetings held at the Idaho Pizza Co. in Meridian on the first Thursday of each month@ 7:00 pm.
  3. You will have to do one of the following before becoming a member.
    - Attend two meetings and have worked half or more of your hours.
    - Attend three meetings.

After you have acomplished the above and paid your dues, you may be voted into the club and will be able to start enjoying the benefits of being a club member.

  • A member MUST work 2 races during the year (these hrs will count toward's your required hours).
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING YOUR OWN HOURS! Work voucher are provided by OMC and are to be legible, signed and dated by a board member. Members need to keep the yellow copy of the voucher to ensure you have record in the event of an error. AGAIN IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
  • IF THE VOUCHER ISN'T SIGNED AND LEGIBLE, IT WON'T BE COUNTED! All members who have not completed 1/2 work hours by June 1st, will have their card deactivated.
  • All hours must be completed by the end of October.
  • There is a $20 re-instatement fee that will be charged anytime your membership goes into default and then is returned to in good standing.
  • The day before each Motocross race there is a work day for race prep and also we always need flaggers at each race. The Flat track schedule is also posted, and we can always use the help during those races too. Members (or prospects) can also get hours by helping with grounds clean-up such as trash/weeds pick-up, empting trash cans, cleaning out the starting gate, fixing terrace and filling in with dirt, fence repair and many other house keeping items.  See Groundskeeper or any board member for ideas or details.

Please email questions to: OMC Membership

Membership Benefits include gate and sign up discounts for all OMC events, access to the club grounds except for when track is closed, and participation in all social functions.  We hope you'll join us in making OMC the best in the valley!

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